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Black Terracotta Salad Bowl With Handle

Black Terracotta Salad Bowl With Handle

What would you like in yours, a large bowl of freshly picked strawberries or cherries, green salad or...
This is a beautiful very soft rounded large black bowl with a handle on the side.

It feels lovely holding it because of the soft texture and organic shape. You might not even want to use it for food. I personally think its perfect for my embroidery kit actually, but nevertheless, it was made for food and is lovely for serving up with your whatever.... Your choice of course!

Hand made from terracotta and made the traditional way baked underground on high heat to give it the black colour, then rubbed with a semi-precious stone to add shine.. Safe for use on top of the hob..

Size: 22x16x8cm.
Made in Indonesia.
It comes with care instructions