Eco-friendly Tableware

We have got a passion for sustainable, eco-friendly tableware. It provides a simple and beautiful way to style your table. We have got a large range of biodegradable palm leaf plates, bowls, cutlery, cups, pla glasses, cake-, pop-up boxes and hot food containers, platters and canape made from natural materials, often a by-product of food production. Our range is perfect for Halloween gatherings, Christmas parties, parties, weddings, picnic's and every day events & celebrations. Choose plates and bowls made from biodegradable palmleaf or sugarcane. Cups & wine glasses made from plantstarch, natural polished coconut bowls, Kraft containers with lid, Kraft boxes & wooden canape boats as well as large of selection of quality paper napkins and wooden cutlery.

From $4.51

Mini Kraft Box with PLA Window - Cake Box

From $4.51

Recyclable Kraft Gablebox - 3 Sizes

From $9.67

Recyclable Kraft Hot Food Party Boxes

From $7.35

Kraft Pop-Up Box with PLA Window - 2 Sizes

From $4.51

Round Brown Kraft Containers - 8oz / 12oz

From $5.14

Summer Meadow Canapé Party Packs - Wooden Bowls & Skewers

From $7.72

Wooden Canape Bowls + Bamboo Skewers

From $9.67

Heart Canapé Party Packs - Wooden Bowls & Skewers

From $21.26

PLA Wine Glass - 175ml

From $4.32

Bamboo Marker Sticks - Plant or Buffet

From $2.51

Natural Coconut Shell Bowl

From $10.95

Christmas Canapé Party Packs - Christmas Tree

From $4.83

Natural Coconut Canape Boat Dish

From $6.77

Wooden Box Trays - 3 Sizes

From $2.13

Square White Sugarcane Dinner Party Plates - 26cm Or 16cm

From $8.38

Palm Leaf Round Plate - 10" Biodegradable

From $1.80

Palm Leaf Grazing Platters - 3 Sizes

From $7.09

Palm Leaf Round Side Plate - 7" Biodegradable

From $7.09

Palm Leaf Bowl - 6.5"

From $2.56

Palm Leaf Grazing Platter 6 Compartments

From $3.22

Rectangular Palm Leaf Grazing Platters

From $2.26

Biodegradable Kraft Food Trays - 3 sizes