Baskets & Trays

Baskets, Trays & Troughs perfect for Home & Garden.

Large selection of handwovern French Market Baskets & Trays, Metal zinc caddies & trays, love them all because they are sustainable, made to last and forever useful. Baskets for storage, laundry, shopping, the garden and trays for your candle & seasonal displays, serving breakfast in bed or taking lunch into the garden.

Fill your home with beautiful wicker trays & woven baskets. Whether needing a handy bag for taking to the shops or a gift for a friend our French market baskets are perfect. We stock them in 3 sizes with a choice of long or short handles.

We equally love zinc metal trays, strong, sturdy and so versatile. Perfect for use in the garden, as a tray or to keep your paper work in order in your office. Zinc caddies & wine carriers are another forever useful household objects.


Round Wicker Basket

$16.16 $23.27

Woven Basket Tray - 45cm

From $34.90

Round Wicker Display Tray With Handles - 42cm

From $6.79

Wooden Box Trays - 3 Sizes

From $37.43

Zinc Metal Tray with Handles - 2 Sizes

From $37.49

Galvanised Metal Display Caddy - 2 Sizes

From $43.31

Classic Market Basket With Short & Long Leather Handles

From $43.31

Classic Market Basket With Double Leather Handles - Small


Berber Storage Basket

From $9.05

Antique Brass Display Tray With Leaf Pattern - 30cm Or 11cm

From $19.39 $22.62

Round Zinc Metal Display Platter - 2 Sizes

From $2.26

Biodegradable Kraft Food Trays - 3 sizes

From $20.68

Handwoven Storage Baskets With Lid, Set of Two | Fair Trade