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Teal Honeycomb Paper Ball - The Danes
Teal Honeycomb Paper Ball - The Danes

Teal Honeycomb Paper Ball

Beautiful teal honeycomb tissue paper balls - mix and match to create a beautiful luxe look. Our classic Honeycomb Balls is available in a large choice of the colours and up to 4 sizes. Paper Honeycomb decorations are hand dyed in beautiful vibrant colours suitable for any occasion and can be used to create beautiful backdrops, Christmas, party & Wedding décor or simply hang in a window for everyday colour and display

The teal honeycomb ball is available in 3 sizes and the ball comes supplied with a string for hanging.

Honeycomb balls are incredibly eco-friendly, the amazing quality is such that they can be reused year after year and can be recycled after final use. 
Each piece come flat packed, watch the paper magic as it unfolds into perfectly round shapes.

Our honeycomb decorations are crafted by the 4th generation of a family of paper artist. The company has been making these for 120 years and source all their material from other independents businesses. We think this is worth celebrating….

Made from premium tissue paper.
Choose from;
Small 12.5cm - 5"
Medium 20cm - 8"
Large 30cm - 12"