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Red Chime Candles - 20 - The Danes
Red Chime Candles - 20 - The Danes

Red Chime Candles - 20

Red chime candles (also known as Christingle candles) are and have been used traditionally in Denmark & Scandinavia at Christmas and throughout the festive period.
The ceremony of lighting the Christmas tree with real candles has a special place in my memory...sitting on the stairs waiting for the moment the door opened was one of many Christmas highlights.

To secure chime candles to your tree, wreath or branches, you will need either our candle clips or candle balance holders. These are sold separately.

Pack of 20 red candles.
10cm long by 13mm diameter / Burn time 2hr
Made from stearin wax.

*Please use with care and cautions and ensure they are securely fastened before lighting your candles.