Orange Reindeer Floristry Moss - The Danes

Orange Reindeer Floristry Moss

Use generously to top terracotta pots, baskets and on tablescape displays in the winter months and place candles and tea lights for 'hygge'. 

Reindeer moss is used throughout the year in Scandinavia for table and interior displays.  It lasts well and does not loose it's colour. In fact, once it is used on displays, it will dry hard but still looks fluffy. Quite a trick and one worth knowing when you use it in displays as it will last you a long time, you may even have to get the duster out from time to time. 

We recommend that you store the moss in a cool space prior to use, in order to keep the moss as fresh as possible.

Approx. 30grams in the pack. This is a good 2 handfuls which is plenty for a table or 2 candle displays.
100% natural and biodegradable.