Handmade Dip Dye Dinner Candles - Summer Golden Glow

Handmade Dip Dye Dinner Candles - Summer Golden Glow

Inspired by the Sussex Down's golden glow late in the summer.

Warm orange and cream combined with sun yellow, these candles will elevate any dinner table or just lovely if you feel like little pops of colour here or there in your home 

Our hand dipped candles are a perfect small 'Just Because' gifts. Made to make your or someone else smile, perfect for a friend, Mother's Day, Christmas, Thank You Teacher or someone who has just gone the extra mile.
Wrapped beautifully ready to gift. 

The candle blanks are made from paraffin in Poland by Bolsius.
Each one measure 23cm x 22mm, standard dinner candle fit.
Handmade by us, all dipped by hand. Plant-based stearin wax which is a non-toxic, drip-free with a cotton wick.
7 hour burn time.

Sold as a set of 2 candles.

Please note that candles are hand-dyed and colours may vary ever so slightly from batch to batch so candles bought 2 months apart, for instance, may be slightly different colourings.

Our candles colours are made to complement each other so please see all other colours here.
Plain coloured candles are also available here to mix and match with. The candles are suitable for a selection of candlesticks all found here