Flower Press Kit - The Danes
Flower Press Kit - The Danes
Flower Press  & Card Craft Kit

Flower Press & Card Craft Kit

Flower pressing is a classic craft which has entertained generations and is now making a huge comeback and not surprisingly!
Collecting flower and petals is enjoyable, relaxing, suitable for all ages and a gentle and mindful activity connecting you and nature. Pressed the flowers is easy and what you can make with pressed flowers is endless....!

By pressing the flowers you are preserving them by removing the moisture and this way they can be kept forever with a little care. Turn them into cards, tags, collages, crafts, you can even  pop behind glass in a floating picture frame or use to decorate jam jars with. The list goes on.

This great value flower press is made of sturdy MDF board, Size: 17.5 x 27.5cm
It come complete with  8 x thick card sheets, 14 x white blotting paper, bolts, wing nuts, washers and instructions. The flower press is blank MDF so you can decorate any number of ways to make your flower press as pretty as the flowers you put inside!

Hint : Preferably pick your flowers in dry weather and press soon after picking before they turn brown or show signs of wilting. Avoid flowers with large heads moist heads like Roses. Lay the flowers between two sheets of blotting paper sandwiched between the cardboard and tighten wing nuts evenly and leave for two to three weeks before they are ready to be used.

Included is a small brush, PVA glue, and a pack of 8 recycled  blank cards  (assorted white, off white, cream and brown finishes and 8 mixed blank gift tags. envelopes included too.