Rustic Lined Basket, 19 x 9cm
Spring bulb flower basket carried in hands
basket full of flower held in hands
flower basket
flower basket with candles in
Rustic Lined Basket, 19 x 9cm

Rustic Lined Basket, 19 x 9cm

Small rustic willow basket, we plant bulbs and smaller pots with moss in these throughout the year to enjoy inside. Perfect for Creating a Basket for Mother's Day or Easter.

Perfect size for 3-5 bulbs, moss and a few decorations. This is a lovely size to create for a ready planted bulb planter yo give as a gift, as a 'Thank You' for teachers, friend or neighbour who has gone that little bit extra. 

Bulbs in baskets are lovely gift, enjoyed as the grow and bloom.

Our Paperwhite bulb kit are perfect for a 3 baskets, one for you, and two to give!!

Size: 19cm in diameter X 9cm deep.
Lined in plastic so can be reused for planting throughout the year.