Autumnal Inspiration

Celebrate the change of the season. In the Autumn, one of the joy are the blazing colours, the leaves, the long shadows and that golden light! The evenings drawing in calls for time to cosy up, the ultimate time for hygge, for candles, yummy food and Hygge time at home. Creating autumnal natural displays is part of that joy and hygge and so easy with the goodness of nature's abundance outside.
And let's not forget the annual spooky fest, Halloween with all its pumpkin decorations & toffee popcorn for Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night.


Scandi 'Hygge In A Box' Gift Set | Wooden Tray With Ribbed Glass Votives


Natural Pine Cones

From £11.75

Natural & Gold Mixed Pine Cones - Christmas Sparkle


Gold Pine Cones x 10

From £2.00

Kraft Paper Pumpkin Decoration - 3 Sizes

From £5.25

Honeycomb Paper Pumpkin Decoration - 2 Sizes

From £2.75

Sunflower Honeycomb Paper Fan Decorations - 2 Sizes