Danish Easter Celebrations - Creating New Traditions

Every year we welcome Spring with anticipated breath and with it, special celebrations Mother’s Day and Easter. We celebrate this by bringing in budding branches and flowering spring bulbs planters into our home. How we love this season, it’s the season of anticipation of longer days, blue skies and sunshine. It gives us the perfect opportunity to decorate the house with Easter decorations, wooden eggs, colourful honeycomb paper decorations and Spring themed paper garlands.  

Danish Easter: Embracing Springtime Traditions

Danish Easter traditions embrace the essence of spring, characterised by clean aesthetics and vibrant hues of white, yellow, and green. While Easter in Denmark has shifted away from its strictly religious roots for many, it remains an important celebration of the season's renewal. Snowdrops, winter aconite, and daffodils herald the arrival of spring, and Danes adorn their homes with these early blooms, alongside budding branches and daffodils, to symbolise new beginnings.

The egg remains a prominent symbol of Easter in Denmark, with children delighting in activities like growing cress in eggshells or crafting bunny-shaped decorations. Easter also marks the first major holiday of the year in Denmark, offering five consecutive days of respite for families to come together, relax, and indulge in culinary delights.

Easter is also the first major holiday in Denmark with five consecutive days of holiday, which brings the opportunity to be together with family, relaxing and of course eating. Easter Sunday, is the day of celebration. We Danes celebrate by coming together for festive lunch. The typical Easter lunch, (Påskefrokost in Danish), is held with both family and friends. It consists of a selection of celebratory smørrebrød ingredients: different kinds of herring, boiled eggs with cress, sliced meats, cheese and liver pate, it usually also involves snaps and Easter beer with celebrations continuing all day.

Starting new traditions

Being Danish we love to celebrate the seasons (you may know this by now). And a must at Easter are our keepsake paper mâché Easter eggs, a true Scandinavian Easter egg tradition. We love these eggs containers in the cutest vintage bunny designs as well as the classic Beatrix Potter images, these eggs open up and are ready to be filled with everyone’s favourite sweets and chocolates or depending on the age of the receiver, this could easily a special gift. This year we have made it easy for you to add Lindt chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies with your paper mâché eggs.

Nicoline and I have keepsake eggs and decorations dating back to our childhood, which we bring out every year.  

Beatrix Potter Easter Egg Paper Mache Container - The Danes

Our vintage pastel bunny & Beatrix Potter are available in various sizes, the smaller and medium ones also looks very cute displayed hanging from a ribbon in windows.

Easter preparations...

Preparing for Easter is a joyous affair, filled with opportunities to infuse your home with the spirit of the season. From colourful honeycomb decorations to adorable bunny garlands, every detail contributes to the festive atmosphere. For an effortless Easter table setting, consider our Easter & Spring Natural Tablescape in A Box, brimming with natural elements and whimsical touches to delight your guests. Whether you're adorning your home with springtime décor or gathering loved ones around the table for a festive feast, we wish you a joyous and Happy Easter.

May this season be filled with moments of laughter, love, and togetherness.

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